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* American Splendor
Title sequence design for the film, American Splendor.


The main character of the film, Harvey Pekar, is a social pariah, with strong opinions, particular hobbies and a chaotic and messy lifestyle. The strategy for this title sequence is to give the viewer a pleasant introduction to the film by creating a clean and controlled environment, this sequence will successfully contrast Harvey’s unique personality and eccentricities.
Style Frames


By using repetition, this sequence will highlight Harvey’s obsessive mind. Each frame will have one object that has a paper quality, making it not “fit in” with the rest. This refers back to the idiom of “the black sheep” which is intended to represent Harvey in his social environment. The paper quality is also meant to conjure the film’s comic-like aesthetic.

Each composition will have one element from the next, transitioning the camera movement and narrative.

Photography by Vas Naga.